Window Cleaning is Good for Business

February 13, 2019 11:21 am by Brian

Two Reasons Businesses Need Professional Window Cleaning

We face a daily reality whereby modern gadgetry is extremely popular. Fascinated by the ramifications of the web and advanced innovation, society has begun to move far from time tested products and services to new gadgets with glimmering lights and Wi-Fi access. This pattern has attacked all areas of life; youngsters are preferring iPhones over sports equipment, and entrepreneurs are burning through thousands of dollars for fancy eye catching signs and letting the public know that they offer Wi-Fi, even though there are easier solutions to attract new business.

At Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning, we wonder why a business would spend thousands on gimmicks when a much less costly option is available via a window cleaning company at a fraction of the cost. Having windows cleaned may seem like an unimpressive option, but the truth is that a window cleaning company offers services that are the least costly way to attract new customers because of added curb appeal. Statistics prove that people really do notice, even subconsciously. We encourage you to continue reading and find out about a couple of ways that window cleaning is great for business and is the best bang for the buck when compared to any other options!

1) Be a Step Above the Competition with window cleaning.

Think about it, why do Real Estate agents request for window cleaning before showing a property to potential buyers? How is it possible that money spent on window cleaning will influence the sale of a property and even increase the profits? Because it adds to curb appeal.

It does not matter if you look from the outside in or inside out, there is nothing that will increase a company’s image like sparking windows. Looking outside from the inside opens the world around you without distraction. Looking inside from the outside, and people see exactly what is offered within. One conscious thought of, “these windows are dirty”, and you’ve lowered your standards to the point of losing a customer. Having a clear view, pun intended, IS noticed and customers will see that you care about your image. Do some research and discover for yourself how much a company’s image has on their reputation and how it influences a potential customer to do business with you. First impressions play a HUGE role on profits.

The most impressive, flashy signs or store content mean nothing if a customer is immediately turned off by dirty windows.

2) Hiring a Window Cleaning Company won’t Interrupt Business.

All the fancy lighting, gadgets and WI-FI take time to implement and set up, not to mention learning how to operate, which impacts your time and possibly your work hours. Installing something that MIGHT double sales for a day is wasted if it takes a day to set it all up. Hiring a window cleaning company WILL influence customers to enter your store. The best part? It doesn’t require a sacrifice of your time because Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning’s cleaners know how not to negatively impact customers. Actually when a potential customer sees a company’s windows being cleaned, it makes it more inviting.

What if you have blinds, curtains, furniture or other things that may be viewed as obstructions? Rest assured that you would not be the first to think that way. We deal with that all of the time and know exactly what needs to be done so that the only thing that is different in the end is clean windows. Simply let us know the frequency of your needs and let us handle the rest. It’s no longer something you need to be concerned about. Just enjoy the added revenue of impressed customers instead of worrying about why your gadget is not working.

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