If you are like most Ajax homeowners, you want the best window cleaning and eavestrough cleaning experience. Since 1989, Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning has been servicing window cleaning and eavestrough cleaning in Ajax and the surrounding area, including gutter cleaning repair, and more.

If you live in Ajax and need a professional window cleaning and eavestrough cleaning company, we invite you to join the thousands of satisfied customers that have joined us over the years. We believe that is impressive considering we have never advertised. Our client database are almost 100% referrals.

Ajax Window Cleaning

Window CleaningReal Estate Agents in Ajax call us all the time to arrange window cleaning for the Ajax homes they plan to list on the market. Why? Because clean windows add curb appeal, makes a home more attractive, and adds value to a property. Clean windows also allow more light to enter the home and improve the efficiency of energy usage. We clean Small windows, Medium windows, Large windows and Extra Large windows, no matter how many you have. Want inside or outside window cleaning? Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning can do it all. Worried about the possibility of not being happy with the window cleaning results? Not with our “You Don’t Pay Until You Are 100% Satisfied” payment policy. It really does make a difference having a professional Ajax window cleaner!

Ajax Eavestrough / Gutter Cleaning

Eavestrough / Gutter CleaningIt is so imporant to have Eavestrough cleaning / gutter cleaning regularly done. The trees in Ajax mature and quickly cause the eavestrough / gutter system to require cleaning. Eavestroughs / gutters have to be cleaned to to their job of diverting water away from the foundation. Neglecting this basic eavestrough / gutter cleaning service can be dangerous and cause extensive and very expensive water damage. Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning has been cleaning eavestroughs / gutters in Ajax for almost 30 years and we have a very unique way of doing so. You too need the eavestroughs / gutters to flow freely.  Ajax is no different than any other location when it comes to the importance of having clean eavestroughs / gutters.

Ajax Eavestrough / Gutter Repair

Have you ever looked into a simple eavestrough repair / gutter repair in Ajax and been recommended that everything be replaced? Not too many companies want to bother with eavestourgh / gutter repairs, especially for smaller locations like Ajax. There is more money to be made replacing versus repairing the eavestroughs / gutters. If you do prefer to have them repaired, expect a very high eavestrough / gutter repair price tag.  Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning is qualified to do whatever is necessary and we regularly service Ajax, therefore we don’t have to charge any crazy minimum charges. How can we offer very reasonable prices for Ajax eavestrough / gutter repair? Because it is not the only service we offer. Talk to us before you decide to replace the eavestroughs / gutters on your Ajax home.

Ajax Eavestrough / Gutter Guards

Diamond Back Gutter protection Gutter guardsThere are very, very few decent Eavestrough protection / gutter guard systems on the market for Ajax residents. Most just do not work well at all. We’ve never seen a Do-It-Yourself type product not be a waste of money. Ajax homes can benefit from a quality eavestrough / gutter guard system. Did you know that different types of debris require a different type of eavestrough / gutter guard? There is no perfect product for every situation. Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning has been selected and trusted to install an exclusive, patented eavestrough / gutter protection system made in the United States where they too have four extreme seasons. There is a version that can do what you need them to do. The best part is that Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning charges 50% less than the Suggested Retail Price! Ajax eavestrough / gutter guard protection is for you.

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