Never Clean Your Eavestroughs / Gutters Again, Guaranteed!

The problem with products being installed is that they simply allow too much debris to enter the eavestroughs / gutters and not enough water, which all defeats the purpose of investing in them. This consistent problem also gives the eavestrough / gutter cover protection industry a bad rap.

The patented Diamond Back system has been around for over 30 years. More than 3 million feet have been installed. It simply works.  By combining the strength of an expanded metal base, and topped with a powder coated aluminum mesh screen, this patented cover type product protects your gutters from maple seeds, oak tassels and more. The design is ideal for all homes and does not interfere with existing roofing material and therefore does not penetrate the roof to void roofing warrantee. Excellent for all roofs, including: Asphalt, Slate, Shake, Flat, Tile, and Metal.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed to be low profile and virtually invisible
  • No end caps
  • Pops in and out (pressure fitted) Won’t blow out!
  • No roof penetration, therefore will not void roofing warrantee
  • Covers entire eavestrough / gutter – no debris can gets in
  • Handles huge volumes of water
  • One of the industries strongest – 24 gauge powder coated steel
  • Comes in Black (Standard) – ideal for most tree type debris
  • Comes in Silver (Premium)  – ideal for pine needles

Conclusion: Outperforms all eavestrough / gutter cover protection products, is a great value, and best of all, we install it for about 50% less than Suggested Retail Pricing!


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