Do you want the best quality window cleaning and eavestrough cleaning conceivable? In light of present circumstances, you may not NEED it, but it is pleasant to experience. Those living in Pickering feel a similar way. Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning has been providing Pickering window cleaning, eavestrough cleaning / gutter cleaning and more for some 30 years.

Many are surprised how big a difference window cleaning and eavestrough cleaning makes when a professional takes care of them. Once experienced, it is not easy to take on those projects again. Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning has 30 years of experience. Not many window cleaning / eavestrough cleaning companies have been able to stay in business that long and yet we consistently receive word of mouth referrals to the point of having a client base of thousands.

Pickering Window Cleaning

Window CleaningNobody will question the chance of raising the value of a home. Those living in Pickering will concur. Of all the things that can be done around the house with a low cost, window cleaning is one of those that have the most value for the money. Real Estate Agents call us all the time to literally help sell their homes by simply cleaning windows. That in itself says a lot about the power of window cleaning. Pickering homes have a variety of window sizes. Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning takes them all on. In the course of recent years, Pickering has benefited from our window cleaning and eavestrough cleaning work. Why not hire a professional window cleaner?

Pickering Eavestrough / Gutter Cleaning

Eavestrough / Gutter CleaningEavestrough cleaning /gutter cleaning are not the first thing a person thinks of for important maintenance of a home. Many Pickering homeowners learn from experience the importance of cleaning the eavestroughs / gutters regularly. Eavestrough / gutters need to be free and clear in order to accomplish their job. One significant rainfall with a blocked eavestrough / gutter will immediately display a problem. The real issue is that the problem can result in water damage costing thousands of dollars. That’s a hard lesson to learn considering a simple cleaning would have avoided the problem. Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning offers Pickering customers the opportunity to be part of  a 2 times per year reminder email.

Pickering Eavestrough / Gutter Repair

Many Pickering homeowners come to a rude awakening when they see their eavestrough / gutters overflowing. Companies in the business of eavestroughs / gutters will usually encourage the very costly solution to replace the entire eavestrough / gutter system. This is extremely tragic when an a less expensive option is all that is required. Why might the proposal to replace everything be recommended rather than a repair? Because most in the eavestrough / gutter companies depend on installments to remain in business. They don’t have anything else to offer. Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning is altogether different. We offer many other services, including the ability to install eavestrough / gutters too, ONLY IF THEY ARE NEEDED.

Pickering Eavestrough / Gutter Guards

Diamond Back Gutter protection Gutter guardsPickering homeowners are just like most whereby many have spent thousands on eavestrough protection / gutter guards only to find that every penny was a waste of money. Eavestough / gutter guards are actually a scam and many companies are ripping people off playing on people’s emotions. The fact is that very few products actually work. Another fact is that no one product works for every situation. The challenge is knowing which few of the plethora of products on the market really work? Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning has the expertise and experience to know over the years what design of eavestrough / gutter protection works for what situation. We have been honored to be chosen as the company in southern Ontario as install a product that actually works. Let us show you the difference of what a real product is.

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